We’ve all been there – slapping the “OFF” on the alarm, groggily getting out of a nice warm bed while managing to not disturb the better half and pups. It’s time to start the day (going to the gym, going to work, etc.), and it’s one of the hardest parts of my morning routine.

Dogs are said to have the mental capacity of a small toddler, and even though we don’t have kids, I can see that being the case. The unconditional love in their eyes is enough to melt an ice-block (if their tongues don’t get to it first!), and it’s a constant reminder that there is a purpose to getting up and doing all the stuff you don’t want to do. There’s a family that depends on you, and pups that rely on you to keep a roof over their head, and their tummies filled with delicious food.

Throughout the day at work, whenever I get to the point where it’s absolutely soul defeating and crushing, I just think about their faces when I come home…

Sam and Thisbe (not) patiently waiting


It’s a look of companionship, a look of completeness. You’re home with your family, everyone is back together, and all is right in the world. The strain of the work-day seems to lessen, and you ease into a feeling of content. For as much as they depend on you to take care of them, we depend on them to take care of us – to be there when we need them, to take our minds off of daily life’s troubles and problems. But more importantly – to love us as unconditionally as we love them.


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