Family Fun Times – Halloween Pumpkin Patch!

To a lot of people, Halloween is one of those special times of year. The days before October 31st instantly bring up thoughts of Autumn weather, Pumpkin Spice Lattes, giant leaf piles waiting to be destroyed. Every year, we make a special trip to a local pumpkin patch to grab some of those giant monsters, and bring a little help from our furry family…


Sam and the Pumpkin Patch


In a new (hopefully weekly) blog spot, I want to give some ideas for little adventures for everyone, including those pups! This week’s idea is taking your dog to a local pumpkin patch or farm!

We’ve been going to the same pumpkin patch with Sam for 2 years now (hoping to make our third annual trip in a couple of weeks!), and he really enjoys it. While the pumpkin’ picking is the name of the game, there are plenty of other sights, smells, and sounds to keep him occupied. The pumpkin patch also has a petting zoo, complete with goats, cows, etc. Think a pup in a Halloween sweater is cute? How about a pup in a Halloween sweater giving a goat a kiss!

Despite all the animals around, Sam is ready to get down to business and find his pumpkin. Many to choose from, and hard to decide, but Sam knows what he wants. And he wants it now!


I think he found one!


After grabbing his pumpkin and putting it into the cart, Sam takes the reigns and orders Dad to the nearest checkout, so he can go home and start carving.


Let’s roll!



Regardless of what you do, whether it’s pumpkin patches, apple picking, or a stroll around the neighborhood, just remember – Spending time as a family are the moments that you will cherish for days to come. It’s a great bonding experience for everyone, and your dog will absolutely love it!

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