Family Fun Times – Hiking!

Much like the last “Family Fun Times” post, this season is absolutely perfect for a good ol’ fashioned hike. The air is crisp, the temperature borders on light jacket or hoodie weather…it’s a great time to be outside.

As much fun as it is for us humans to be out in the great wild, our pups love it more. The smells of all different animals, the giant sticks just waiting to be picked up, the obscene amount of times a leg is lifted to mark territory…it’s remarkable we can even finish the hike in the first place!

Besides the obvious benefits of exercise, being out on a trail is great sun exposure, providing much needed Vitamin D. Most of us are stuck inside (and our four-legged family members as well!) for the majority of the week, whether it’s behind a desk,  in the service industry, etc. Vitamin D is one of those micro-nutrients that plays a vital role in everything from general physical health, mental and emotional well-being, and even sleep!

Even if it’s a gloomy day outside, the fresh air does wonders for a pup’s temperament. Have you ever seen your dog act all “Sad Sack” after a fun hiking adventure? Neither have we! They are climbing rocks, chewing tree branches 10x their bodyweight, running after rabbits, rolling in stuff they totally should not be rolling in…there’s a plethora of things to keep those puppies busy!

As much fun as they have, they are not exactly looking out for themselves out there! That’s why we, as responsible puppy-parents, have to keep a close eye. A dog may not necessarily let you know when he is thirsty, but hydration is as important to him as it is to us! Maybe more so, since they cannot expel heat as efficient as we do. So definitely bring some water! Puppy clean up bags are also a must, because it’s the right thing to do. 🙂

Expect that when you come home after a wonderful day out in Nature, your pup will be exhausted! Perfect time to relax, reflect on how much fun the day was, and chill! You’ve both earned it!

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