The La Pawtite Pawd-cast!

Podcasts. Everyone listens to them. It’s a great distraction from monotonous activity like long driving commutes, walking on the treadmill, Thanksgiving supper (Hi Mom!!)…

So we thought we would start our own! Granted, neither one of us has any experience with Podcasts. But with a glass of wine, and the microphone on…it turned out pretty well! So sit back, relax, and enjoy the musings of two people (and possible guests!) who have no idea what they are doing, but love talking about dogs, training, and every day mishaps that go hand in hand with running a pet business.

You can easily find our Podcast at the top of the website in the Social Links, as well as the Side-bar to the right, at the bottom. And we’ll be on Apple iTunes and Google Play soon too!

You’ll hear stories about our puppies Sam and Thisbe, lil guys Oreo and Ifrit..and much more! We hope you enjoy these tails (HA!) as much as we had recording them! Welcome to our home!


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