Daily Dog Walks

We all know how important daily exercise is for not only ourselves but for our dogs as well. But with our busy schedules and long days it can often be difficult to find the time or motivation to fit in 30 minutes of daily exercise time.

During the days of my corporate life when my baby boy Sam was still very young, we found ourselves in the market for a dog walker. I was usually up between 2:30-3:30am to get ready to leave for work, so morning walks in complete darkness were often not possible. I had a very long commute, long working hours and by the end, irregular hours on top of that. The first thing I did when I got home was to take my sweet boy on a long walk. But once per day wasn’t exactly enough. Even though we got that daily walk in, he was still by himself for a good portion of the day and this is where we learned the benefits of hiring a professional dog walker.

Her visits were important to Sam. She provided companionship as well as exercise throughout the day. It broke up the monotony of a long day alone. He got to know her and looked forward to her arrival. She sent me updates after every visit and I felt relieved that we had found such a loving, trustworthy person to look after Sam when I couldn’t.

Hiring a professional dog walker can make a huge difference in the quality of your pup’s life if you’re unable to be home during the day. We understand that everyone’s schedule is different which is why we offer several different blocks of time to accommodate the type of visit our clients need. A 15 minute visit can be done several times per day for a quick potty break if you have a senior dog, or it can be utilized for those short trips  when you’re gone only a few hours and your pup needs a quick potty break until you get home. A 30 minute visit is a good option for a few laps around the neighborhood if you’re going to be away for several hours, or a 60 minute visit can mean a trip to the local park!

Whatever your needs are, La Pawtite is here to help you and your pup. I love knowing that I help the puppers in my care have the best lives possible through exercise, daily interactions, new experiences and of course, lots of attention. I also know how important it is to pet parents to feel confident in knowing their babies are being looked after and getting everything they need while they themselves can’t be there. I understand what it feels like to worry about your pup and how he or she is doing while you’re gone. Sam was my initial inspiration to join the professional pet care industry because his quality of life was more important to me than anything. Seeing what a good pet care professional can do for the life of a pet and his parents was an eye-opening experience. It made a difference for our family and we hope we can provide the same for your family.





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