Merry Christmas from La Pawtite!

Who doesn’t like Christmas Trees and Presents?!? (alright, don’t answer that!)

One of our favorite yearly traditions is to set up the Christmas tree, complete with lights and ornaments. And we bring out Dancing Snoopy too, which Sam and Thisbe love! By love, I mean Sam loves barking at it, and Thisbe wants to chew on it!

We love including our four-legged family in the holiday festivities. Complete with stockings and presents, home-made ornaments, and holiday pajamas, the La Pawtite house-hold is full of festive and cheer on Christmas morning.


Sam wearing his holiday pajamas!


Sam and Thisbe love dressing up (we think, they don’t deliberately destroy at least), which is great, because our baby girl does look beautiful wearing her bow!


Thisbe looking beautiful in her bow!

It’s also a special time because this will be our first Christmas with Thisbe! Sam is going to have to step up and show her the ropes, but I’m sure he’ll be up to the task!

If you haven’t checked out our Podcast, give it a shot! We have a special Holiday episode, with topics including how to keep your pets safe through the holidays!

And lastly, there are tons of animals in need, especially during this time of year. We have a special fundraiser going on over at JustGiving. If you can spare a couple of bucks, even if it’s not through us, please donate to your local animal shelter. They need it more than you can possibly imagine.



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