Kiki the Greyhound

Earlier this month, La Pawtite had the pleasure in having Kiki come over and stay with us. Starting on 12/30, her stay lasted until 1/08! She was with us to help celebrate the New Year!

Happy New Year from Kiki!

It took a bit for Sam and Thisbe to get used to this large pup taking all of their pillows, but they handled it like champs.

Even though she had several larger beds, she liked the lil one too!

They even played a little bit towards the end (Thisbe was very protective of Kiki, and vice versa!).

Thisbe is making sure no one bothers Kiki!!

Both Jenn and I grew up with larger dogs, but grew accustomed to the smaller pups over the last couple of years. It was absolutely awesome to share a home with a big pup again!

It was pretty cold over in the Washington DC area that week, but we managed to get some quality walk and outside time in.

Kiki holding it on the left, Sam doing something he probably shouldn’t be doing, on the right. And baby girl pulling rear duty.

Kiki has a very laid back temperament, and is a very sweet girl. She loves to run around and check stuff out. She does really well on the leash, and doesn’t pull. When trying to relax, she does take a while to get comfortable, and will sometimes growl. We originally thought it was because she was angry or startled, but it seems that she’s just frustrated she can’t get into a good position easily. Not one to shy away from a treat, she has extremely great manners and does not beg. Overall, she was the perfect guest!

We can’t wait to see this beautiful dog again! (But I bet white cat says no way!)

Kiki vs White Cat Round 1

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