Welcome to “Muscles and Muzzles”!

While writing some of the posts for the “Muscles and Muzzles” series, it took me back to when I was a personal trainer, pouring over information and articles, trying to divise that “best workout” or “best training split” (I still have my 5/3/1 spreadsheet and calculations somewhere). I realized pretty quickly, especially after thinking about it more and more, that there really isn’t much of a difference between humans and pets, in regards to exercise and nutrition. Being sedentary is truly one of the most (long-term) harmful things that you can do to your body, and everyone could stand to be more active. Along with that, everyone can use some fresher foods in their diets.

So we decided to do it right and give “Muscles and Muzzles” it’s own little side-deal! (And by side-deal, I literally mean on the side of the page)

Snazzy logo!

Disclaimer : I am not a registered dietician or doctor. Anything said in this, as well as future posts, are to be considered informational at best, and entertainment at worst. If you have any questions, please consult your doctor (for humans) or veterinarian (for pets). 

So what can you expect from “Muscles and Muzzles”? Besides the musings of a mad-man who thinks “low-carb” is 3/4 cup of oatmeal instead of 1 cup, there will be a bit of everything – from exercise tips and nutritional ideas, to fun recipes and adventure suggestions. And memes, probably memes! (Because honestly, watching a dog do burpees is 10000x better than doing them yourself!)

This isn’t to say that La Pawtite won’t be your stop for helpful nutritional information or exercise/activity tips. Everything from “Muscles and Muzzles” will conveniently fall under the “La Pawtite” banner. Think of it as more of a brand.

We hope you find these future articles thought-provoking and enlightening. At the very least, a positive change in you and your pets’ life!


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