After Decades of Breed Specific Legislation, Iowa City Lifts Pit Bull Ban

Good on this city!!
Just goes to show there is no such thing as a bad dog breed. Just bad and negative training, neglect…pretty much anything involving a human.

Dogs (all animals really) aren’t born “bad”. The sooner we can move past the stigma of “this dog breed is violent and aggressive”, the better we will all be, pets included!

We took a couple of great positive things from this –

  1. No more hiding Pit Bulls or Pit Bull type breeds. This is extremely important because a ban isn’t going to stop people from adding these dogs to their family. It will stop routine vet visits and check-ups, as well as socialization with other people and dogs.
  2. Neighboring cities are taking notice!
  3. It was really a grassroots effort. Started by one person that went through the proper channels, gathered support, and made a change!

Courtesy of People; original story and representation can be found here below :


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