PetSmart faces another dog death

It seems like stories like these are coming out more frequently. At some point, enough has to be enough, and the company (along with all parties involved) should release something a bit more than a glorified “sweep under the rug, business as usual” routine.

This dog was obviously a loving part of the family, and the dad has ever right to be angry. Seething, really. Can’t say we blame him, as we wouldn’t know what to do if that were to happen to us.

Not to mention that the state this occurred has no licensing restrictions for these type of jobs. No certifications (from what was mentioned) or anything of the sort. Is the responsibility on the company or the government to mandate this sort of thing? That’s obviously a tricky situation, and something that we won’t delve into. But needless to say, these sort of occurrences need to stop.

Our hearts reach out to the family.

(Source : CBS News – PetSmart faces another dog death)


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