Name : Ifrit (AKA Spiffy Iffy)

Age : 3 years

Breed : American Guinea Pig

Rescued From : PetSmart Charities

Personality : Putting the pups to shame, Ifrit is a vocal guinea pig. Don’t worry about “forgetting” to stop in and providing carrots….he’ll let you know!!!

Bio : Ifrit joined our family after seeing Jenn’s newborn nephew. Some people get baby fever…..we got cavy fever! Docile at first, Iffy quickly came into his own. Definitely more vocal than his big brother Ihsahn, Ifrit is not one to miss a meal. And he loves playing with is big brother Oreo, sharing the same room. Yes…they share their own room. (Don’t tell Oreo, but Ifrit runs that place! As timid as he may be, as soon as he hears the slow creek of the hardwood floor, it’s go time!

Spiffy Iffy