Name : Oreo

Age : 6 years

Breed : Black Dutch Rabbit

Rescued From : Petco Unleashed adpotions

Personality : This bunny is the boss! Oreo is the oldest of our babies and he calls the shots.

Bio : Oreo came came as a bit of a surprise to Jenn! Laying in bed sick with the flu, Brian was sent out to get some pet supplies. The pet store was hosting an adoption event and there was Oreo, stuffed into a fish tank and looking scared while a bunch of kids tapped on the glass. Brian, ever the softy when it comes to animals in need, decided to rescue him. He toted Oreo and all of his new supplies off to his forever home. When Brian entered the house, Jenn was convinced she was having a fever dream about getting a new bunny! What a great surprise to realize it was really happening! And Oreo has been a beloved member of our family ever since.