Name : Sampson

Age : 2 years

Dog Breed : Mix

Rescue : Friends for Animals – Humane Society of Burke County NC

Personality : Fun and outgoing, loves to play and cuddle. LOVES people (much to the chagrin of Mom.)

Bio : Sam came into our life a little over two years ago. It was love at first sight, once we actually saw him. When we went to pick up our new addition to the family, we could hear Sam well before we could see him. He was 6-7 weeks old, and barking a storm. You could tell he did NOT want to be there in that van, crammed in with a bunch of other dogs.

Sam loves to play and goof around. If he likes you, he’ll start giving you paws, which is the international sign of “I approve”. Bones, treats, and toys don’t stand a chance with Sam around.

Sam has adjusted extremely well to our household, and loves other people. It takes a little bit to warm up to other dogs, but with his personality, he quickly wins over everyone that meets him. He’s just that darn cute!


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