Name : Thisbe

Age : ~18 months

Dog Breed : Terrier Mix

Rescue : Operation Paws for Homes

Personality : If you want a lap-buddy, Thisbe is your girl! Thisbe loves to play with other pups, but is skittish around people. She is a little more open to women, but doesn’t like men (except for Dad!)

Bio : Not one to shy away from an adventure, Thisbe is full of energy and a great companion. If you like to watch TV or movies, Thisbe does too! If you like to read a book, Thisbe will help you turn the pages (or get in your way!).

Thisbe joined our family in May 2017, and hasn’t looked back. While we were pretty worried about how she would get along with Sampson, she sticks to her big brother like glue. And if another pup is giving Sampson business, she steps right in.

Always wagging her tail, Thisbe is generally the first thing you see and hear when you approach the house. One of the sweetest dogs you’ll ever meet, Thisbe is the Queen of the House (sorry Mom!)



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