Northwest Naturals Dog Food Recall | February 2018

Several more dog food recalls over the last couple of days. Please spread the word and be safe! Northwest Naturals - Vital Essentials - TruDog Pet Treats -

Another Dog Food Company Has Recalled Food Tainted With a Euthanasia Drug

As always, please do the research on what you feed your pups!! And if you have a bag of this stuff in your house, ditch it! Regardless of what the ‘dose’ may be, better to be safe than sorry!! from La Pawtite via IFTTT

Do or Dye

I have recently been made aware of a trend in doggy fashion - dying the fur of your pup. I had never heard of such a thing until it became a recent topic of discussion among Pet Sitters International members in our Facebook forum. Some people said they dye their own dog's fur and it … Continue reading Do or Dye

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie; Safety Tips for Families with Dogs and Children

Let’s not get bogged down in too many statistics here; suffice it to say that the number of dog bites that occur annually are overwhelmingly experienced by children. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the odds that a dog bite victim will be a child are 3.2 to 1.  Most of these … Continue reading Let Sleeping Dogs Lie; Safety Tips for Families with Dogs and Children

La Pawtite Pawd-Cast : Holiday Special

We thought it would be a great idea to put pen to paper and throw some helpful hints that we talked about in the latest La Pawtite Pawd-cast Holiday Special. You can find it on iTunes and Google Play right now! Guests Holiday season means a LOT of invited (and uninvited!) guests coming to your … Continue reading La Pawtite Pawd-Cast : Holiday Special

The Dangers of Collars

Have you ever considered the safety of your dog's collar? We didn't think twice about using a conventional clasp collar until we came across some very alarming statistics by veterinarians reporting collar related injuries and even deaths. How could something as simple as a collar endanger the lives of our babies? There are only a … Continue reading The Dangers of Collars

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