Recently, La Pawtite started its very own podcast! Aptly named as the “La Pawtite Pawd-cast”, we thought that it would be a great way to communicate facts and stories. Some stuff can get lost in the translation of an article or post, but with vocal communication (and a healthy amount of humor!), we think this is a great way to get our message out there : Your Pup’s Business is Our Business!

Whenever a new Podcast is up and available, be sure to check back here or our Facebook page! The Podcasts are available in both iTunes and Google Play! And if you like what you hear, please Subscribe, Review, and send a Comment!



Episode rundown :

Episode 007 – Jenn is Famous, Dyeing Pets, and “Ignore that cat” (35 mins; 2/3/2018)

In this episode of the La Pawtite Pawd-cast, Jenn and Brian run through several topics including the newest promotion starting mid-February, Reviews vs References, Jenn being in the local newspaper (front page!), dyeing your pet’s fur (uhhh….why?), does La Pawtite take “Ignore the Cat”(otherwise known as Partial Care) requests, and a review of “Time to Pet”!

Episode 006 – New Year with La Pawtite (40 mins; 1/12/2018)

Happy (belated) New Year from La Pawtite! We start it off with a bang! Resolutions, Kiki, Time to Pet…it’s all covered here! Available now on iTunes and Google Play!

Episode 005 -Exercise!! (34 mins; 12/7/2017)

On this episode, we talk about the benefits of exercise, both physical and mental. Also discussed is our recent Fundraiser through JustGiving!

Episode 004 – La Pawtite Approach (22 mins; 12/3/2017)

We hope you had a great Thanksgiving, full of turkey and yummy foods! In this episode of the La Pawtite Pawd-cast, Brian and Jenn talk about the “La Pawtite Approach”. What sets us a part from other pet sitters. Items like Certifications and the special care given are just a couple aspects of importance!

Episode 003 – Holiday Special (27 mins; 11/17/2017)

Tis the season…of getting into a whole bunch of mischief! With Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years right around the corner, we got you covered with healthy tips to help make sure your furry family starts 2018 safe and healthy! We discuss food, guests, kids, Christmas trees..you name it, we have you covered!

Episode 002 – History of Thisbe (20 mins; 11/12/2017)

Thisbe is the center of attention in our 2nd episode. We discuss why we decided to add to our family and the history behind her name (really cool story!). We also talk a bit about her separation anxiety and tips we used to help her overcome it. And lastly, how a small pup like her deals with much bigger dogs.

Episode 001 – Welcome to La Pawtite! (20 mins; 11/11/2017)

In the inaugural episode of the La Pawtite Pawd-cast, Jenn and Brian talk about the recent trip to the Frederick County Humane Society. Jenn also goes on one of her infamous rants (of which we’re sure they’ll be more to follow! :P). Lastly, we talk about our baby boy Sampson, and the story behind adopting him!