Includes Price

Additional Pet

The Zoomies One potty break visit. Guaranteed minimum of 15 minutes. $12.00 +$2.00
The Constitutional One daily visit. Guaranteed minimum of 30 minutes. $15.00 +$2.00
Park Life Two daily visits – Two guaranteed minimum 30 minutes

Or one guaranteed minimum 60 minutes.

Travel to nearest park if desired.

$25.00 +$3.00
Break Three Three daily visits. Guaranteed minimum of 30 minutes per visit. $35.00 +$5.00
Babysitter’s Club Three hours of stay-in care in client’s home. $40.00 +$5.00
Couch Crasher
Overnight stay in client’s home – includes two daily visits, guaranteed minimum of 30 minutes per visit. $45.00 +$5.00
Slumber Party 24 hours of care on La Pawtite’s premises with the hosts, Sam and Thisbe! *Size restrictions apply, please ask for details $45.00 +$10.00

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Let us help you build a custom package!

All visits include refills of fresh water (water also provided during any outdoor activities), pet waste disposal, feeding of meals/treats, and administration of vitamins/medications at no extra cost.

These are base prices and may be subject to change. Each family and pet has different needs. Please schedule a consultation or contact us about your specific request.




Looking to have your pup picked up for playtime? Does your kitty need to keep a very important appointment but you’re not able to do the driving? Rely on La Pawtite’s Pet Taxi Service to take your pet wherever he or she needs to go! We can pick them up for boarding, or take them to and/or from grooming, vet appointments, etc.

-$25 round trip up to 10 miles from pick up to drop off

-$13 each way up to 10 miles from pick up to drop off

-$2.00 each additional mile

-$5.00 each 10 minute increment of wait time

Home Care Package

You can add our Home Care Package to any of your pet sitting options. This includes mail collection, taking garbage/recycling out, plant watering, opening/closing of blinds and curtains, room light rotation and an end of night security check.

-$25 per day as a stand alone service or $15 per day with any additional service.