Welcome to “Muscles and Muzzles”!

While writing some of the posts for the "Muscles and Muzzles" series, it took me back to when I was a personal trainer, pouring over information and articles, trying to divise that "best workout" or "best training split" (I still have my 5/3/1 spreadsheet and calculations somewhere). I realized pretty quickly, especially after thinking about … Continue reading Welcome to “Muscles and Muzzles”!

Family Fun Times – Hiking!

Much like the last "Family Fun Times" post, this season is absolutely perfect for a good ol' fashioned hike. The air is crisp, the temperature borders on light jacket or hoodie weather...it's a great time to be outside. As much fun as it is for us humans to be out in the great wild, our … Continue reading Family Fun Times – Hiking!

Family Fun Times – Halloween Pumpkin Patch!

To a lot of people, Halloween is one of those special times of year. The days before October 31st instantly bring up thoughts of Autumn weather, Pumpkin Spice Lattes, giant leaf piles waiting to be destroyed. Every year, we make a special trip to a local pumpkin patch to grab some of those giant monsters, … Continue reading Family Fun Times – Halloween Pumpkin Patch!

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