Maryland woman gives sheltered 26-year-old cat a new home

Great news for this 26 year young cat! Here’s to a comfy, stable home!! It's awesome to see that this cat is given another opportunity to have a loving home. Especially at his age, where people would immediately shuffle down the line to look at the next prospective addition to the family. (Credit goes to … Continue reading Maryland woman gives sheltered 26-year-old cat a new home

The La Pawtite Pawd-cast!

Podcasts. Everyone listens to them. It's a great distraction from monotonous activity like long driving commutes, walking on the treadmill, Thanksgiving supper (Hi Mom!!)... So we thought we would start our own! Granted, neither one of us has any experience with Podcasts. But with a glass of wine, and the microphone turned out pretty … Continue reading The La Pawtite Pawd-cast!

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is one of the best times of year! We get to celebrate the change of seasons with pumpkins, costumes, scary stories and, of course, lots of candy! While our pets are joining in the fun of Halloween, it's our job as pet parents to make sure their holiday is a safe one. Here are … Continue reading Happy Halloween!

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