Dog Born With Facial Deformity Is Rescued After Five Years Of Neglect

For years, this poor dog was treated like less than trash. Purely based off his appearance. This woman has given Beaux a chance when no one else would. And we couldn’t be happier for this outcome. Way to go, Beaux!!! (Source - LAD Bible - Dog born with facial deformity is rescued after 5 years of … Continue reading Dog Born With Facial Deformity Is Rescued After Five Years Of Neglect

PetSmart faces another dog death

It seems like stories like these are coming out more frequently. At some point, enough has to be enough, and the company (along with all parties involved) should release something a bit more than a glorified "sweep under the rug, business as usual" routine. This dog was obviously a loving part of the family, and … Continue reading PetSmart faces another dog death

Hearing-impaired dog makes history by joining K-9 unit after being deemed unadoptable

Way to go, Ghost!!! Just goes to show that every single animal deserves a chance (and sometimes 2 or 3!). Not only is he off the street and in a loving home, but he's doing his bit and making a difference. Stories like these make our day, and we could not be more thrilled to … Continue reading Hearing-impaired dog makes history by joining K-9 unit after being deemed unadoptable

Fresno police officer stops to feed hungry, stray dog who was picking through trash

The world needs more people like this. Not just officers, but people in general. from La Pawtite (Credit to the Fresno Bee for the article)

Welcome to “Muscles and Muzzles”!

While writing some of the posts for the "Muscles and Muzzles" series, it took me back to when I was a personal trainer, pouring over information and articles, trying to divise that "best workout" or "best training split" (I still have my 5/3/1 spreadsheet and calculations somewhere). I realized pretty quickly, especially after thinking about … Continue reading Welcome to “Muscles and Muzzles”!

A Heartwarming Tail (Tale)

I can't really come up with something more horrifying than losing a loved one, be it pet or family member. But that's what happened to a gentleman who lived close to my parents, earlier in December 2017. This man adopted a beautiful Boxer, only to have the Boxer escape and run out of the house … Continue reading A Heartwarming Tail (Tale)

Kiki the Greyhound

Earlier this month, La Pawtite had the pleasure in having Kiki come over and stay with us. Starting on 12/30, her stay lasted until 1/08! She was with us to help celebrate the New Year! It took a bit for Sam and Thisbe to get used to this large pup taking all of their pillows, … Continue reading Kiki the Greyhound

La Pawtite Pawd-cast Episode 006 – New Year with La Pawtite

New episode of the La Pawtite Pawd-cast is available on iTunes and Google Play! Today, Jenn and Brian discuss a whole bunch of topics, like New Years' Resolutions, Time to Pet, wallflowers vs anti-social, and more!

Muscles and Muzzles – To Eat or Not To Eat (Organic)?

In our inaugural post in the "Muscles and Muzzles" series, we'll tackle an important topic that impacts the every-day life of your pet. "Should I feed my puppy/cat/rabbit/guinea pig/etc. organic food?" All too often, people reach for the cheapest, most chemical-laden food out there for their pets. Items like dry or wet food can be … Continue reading Muscles and Muzzles – To Eat or Not To Eat (Organic)?

What a Year! (Happy New Year!!)

And this brings us to the final days of 2017. To say that this past year was exciting would be a great understatement! 2018 is going to be even bigger and better, with more posts, podcasts, engagement opportunities, and so much more! Thank you for all the support in 2017, and we'll see you in … Continue reading What a Year! (Happy New Year!!)

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