PetSmart faces another dog death

It seems like stories like these are coming out more frequently. At some point, enough has to be enough, and the company (along with all parties involved) should release something a bit more than a glorified "sweep under the rug, business as usual" routine. This dog was obviously a loving part of the family, and … Continue reading PetSmart faces another dog death

Maryland woman gives sheltered 26-year-old cat a new home

Great news for this 26 year young cat! Here’s to a comfy, stable home!! It's awesome to see that this cat is given another opportunity to have a loving home. Especially at his age, where people would immediately shuffle down the line to look at the next prospective addition to the family. (Credit goes to … Continue reading Maryland woman gives sheltered 26-year-old cat a new home

After Decades of Breed Specific Legislation, Iowa City Lifts Pit Bull Ban

Good on this city!! Just goes to show there is no such thing as a bad dog breed. Just bad and negative training, neglect...pretty much anything involving a human. Dogs (all animals really) aren't born "bad". The sooner we can move past the stigma of "this dog breed is violent and aggressive", the better we … Continue reading After Decades of Breed Specific Legislation, Iowa City Lifts Pit Bull Ban

A Heartwarming Tail (Tale)

I can't really come up with something more horrifying than losing a loved one, be it pet or family member. But that's what happened to a gentleman who lived close to my parents, earlier in December 2017. This man adopted a beautiful Boxer, only to have the Boxer escape and run out of the house … Continue reading A Heartwarming Tail (Tale)

Merry Christmas from La Pawtite!

Who doesn't like Christmas Trees and Presents?!? (alright, don't answer that!) One of our favorite yearly traditions is to set up the Christmas tree, complete with lights and ornaments. And we bring out Dancing Snoopy too, which Sam and Thisbe love! By love, I mean Sam loves barking at it, and Thisbe wants to chew … Continue reading Merry Christmas from La Pawtite!

The Benefits of Exercise

Much like humans, the benefits of Exercise to our furry family members reaps many rewards, both psychologically and physically. Granted, you probably shouldn't expect Buddy or Bandit to deadlift twice their bodyweight, but a healthy pup is a happy pup! NOTE : This post will mainly talk about exercise, not nutrition or supplementation. We'll save … Continue reading The Benefits of Exercise

Daily Dog Walks

We all know how important daily exercise is for not only ourselves but for our dogs as well. But with our busy schedules and long days it can often be difficult to find the time or motivation to fit in 30 minutes of daily exercise time. During the days of my corporate life when my … Continue reading Daily Dog Walks

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie; Safety Tips for Families with Dogs and Children

Let’s not get bogged down in too many statistics here; suffice it to say that the number of dog bites that occur annually are overwhelmingly experienced by children. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the odds that a dog bite victim will be a child are 3.2 to 1.  Most of these … Continue reading Let Sleeping Dogs Lie; Safety Tips for Families with Dogs and Children

The La Pawtite Pawd-cast!

Podcasts. Everyone listens to them. It's a great distraction from monotonous activity like long driving commutes, walking on the treadmill, Thanksgiving supper (Hi Mom!!)... So we thought we would start our own! Granted, neither one of us has any experience with Podcasts. But with a glass of wine, and the microphone turned out pretty … Continue reading The La Pawtite Pawd-cast!

Family Fun Times – Hiking!

Much like the last "Family Fun Times" post, this season is absolutely perfect for a good ol' fashioned hike. The air is crisp, the temperature borders on light jacket or hoodie's a great time to be outside. As much fun as it is for us humans to be out in the great wild, our … Continue reading Family Fun Times – Hiking!

Family Fun Times – Halloween Pumpkin Patch!

To a lot of people, Halloween is one of those special times of year. The days before October 31st instantly bring up thoughts of Autumn weather, Pumpkin Spice Lattes, giant leaf piles waiting to be destroyed. Every year, we make a special trip to a local pumpkin patch to grab some of those giant monsters, … Continue reading Family Fun Times – Halloween Pumpkin Patch!


We've all been there - slapping the "OFF" on the alarm, groggily getting out of a nice warm bed while managing to not disturb the better half and pups. It's time to start the day (going to the gym, going to work, etc.), and it's one of the hardest parts of my morning routine. Dogs … Continue reading Unconditional

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